Thursday, December 25, 2008

Now Machine Can Display Image That is in your Mind

Image can be extract to the monitor from your mind - Unbelievable but true

Japan’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories after a strong resarch has developed a new brain analysis technology that can reconstruct the image that is in the person's mind and display it on the monitor..

The Scientist are able to construct the images by analyzing the changes in their cerebral blood flow of the person and also use a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine , the researcher first match the blood flow and by useig this FMRI machine they are able to get the image which is construct in the person's mind 

According to the reasearcher the continue research on it to get further explore it and get your dreams to your computer monitors

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Simtronics to Launch Laptops (Notebooks) in India

Simtronics Laptops | Simtronics Notebook | Laptops | NotebooksSimtronics a company which is well known for memory modulues like RAM , Flash Drives , MotherBoard are going to launch a Notebook in India very soon...

So if you are planning to buy notebook then this will the new choice for the consumers which is compact in size and have 10.2 inches screen with Intel Atom N270 processor running at 1.6 GHz with 533 MHz AGTL 

it's Power consumption is very low and also has very low power sleep which emphasise to increase the performance of processon when it enters to the low power state..notebooks will be launched in three colors Red , Black and White will cost aroung Rs. 22000

Simtronics is not going to promote their new product because the market condition but possibly they will do when market moves out from the recession. ..

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Now, onions to power your iPods!

A man found a unique way of saving electricity when charging his iPod - by using an onion soaked in energy drink.

Owen Louis, 21, who happens to be a music fan, was worried about the amount of electricity his MP3 player was using, and decided to use the vegetables to power up his device.

Louis’ technique involved boring two holes in an onion, soaking it in an energy drink then sticking a USB cable into it, and device enables him to charge his iPod for an hour.

“I was watching TV with my laptop on and my iPod playing and thought, ‘How much electricity must I be using?’” quoted him as saying.

“A friend showed me the experiment as a laugh but I thought it was the greatest thing I have ever seen, and do it religiously every day,” he said.

Louis, from Portsmouth, said that the idea was a foolproof way of staying green as the onion decomposes and the drink bottle can be recycled once finished with.

Phil Stubbles, a physics lecturer from St Vincent College in Gosport, Hampshire, said that almost all vegetables could power iPods because they contain ions, which react with energy drinks to create a charge.

“The only problem is you have no control over how long it may work for ... and it can be smelly,” he added.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Now, a gadget that makes water 'out of thin air'

London (PTI): It's a gadget straight out of a science fiction movie -- a machine that scientists claim can make water out of thin air. An international team at Canadian firm Element Four has developed the gadget, called Water Mill, which its hopes could actually become the greatest household invention since the microwave.

According to the scientists, using the same technology as a de-humidifier, the gadget could create a ready supply of drinking water by capturing it from an unlimited source -- the air, the 'Daily Mail' reported. The Water Mill works by drawing in moist air through a filter and over a cooling element that condenses it in water droplets -- it can produce up to 12 litres a day and generate more water when storms pass over, as the humidity in the air increases.

According to the scientists, the machine not only offers an alternative to bottled water in developed countries, but it is a solution for the millions who face a daily water shortage. And, in keeping with its eco-development, the machine uses the same amount of electricity as three light bulbs. "The demand for water is off the chart. People are looking for freedom from water distribution systems that are shaky and unreliable," Jonathan Ritchey, who led the team, was quoted by the British newspaper as saying.

The Water Mill, which is about 3ft wide, is likely to cost 800 pounds and a litre of water will cost around 20 pence to produce.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Google SMS Channel : Subscibes blogs via sms and get feed on your mobile through text message (Free)

Google India has launched a new concept for rss feed of your site or blog by sending a SMS to the subscribers for free.If your have subscibe my mobile feed then you will my blog updates on your mobile through SMS. It's totally a free service so what are you waiting for subscribe click here ... .. .

not only the RSS feed but you can also subscribes the news update , stock updates , google groups post and get free SMS alert on your mobile phone..........

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone useAs per Newton’s third law “Every action there is equal and opposite reaction” means as the technology moves to it new end it will also give us an new disease. At one side technology is beneficial for us but in limited because excessiveness of any thing will always harmful..

The Major Disadvantages of using Mobile Phones are:-

1. Health Effect

It may harm your ears , heart , brain if you talk continuously on mobile phone for a long time as generally youth do with his or her boyfriend or girlfriend ….

I don’t know why the youth want to talk only at mobile phones while they can meet socially..
Mobile Phones use effects

We are moving towards virtuallity so fast in the web 2.0 world that we are not aware with that what we are loosing ……….. we have to think about it…

2. Male Infertility

You would better understand this .. no need to explain..

3. Effect on Environment
Environment is also effected due to raise of harmful rays from mobile phones

Some where Technology is diverting the Sociality towards Virtuallity

so please avoid excessive use ... .. .
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

LG KC780 8 MP Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone cum Digital Camera

Mobile Phone Market is changed so rapidly that in every week one new mobile phone launched with new technology and features.LG KC780 8MP Mobile Phone

Now LG is going to launch its new mobile phone LG-KC7800 with 8 Mega Pixel Camera. now no need to buy digital camera. This is the first mobile ever with 8 MP yet declared. This mobile phone camera has all those features which you want in an digital camera like built in image stabilizer,smart light setting , brightness adjustment and one more special thing about this phone is it's camera comes with with a Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens for better picture quality and sharpness of effigies together with an ISO up to 1600

LG KC7800 has also very interesting features like Face Detection this feature is generally found only in digital camera now the first time introduce in mobile phones and also have smile shots,easy-to-use shot modes, Beauty Mode and Smile Detection technology.

It has 2.4" LCD Screen, DVD resolution Video, LG Smart Light Setting, Blue Tooth , Motion Sensor Games, Image Stabilizer and D1 video recording to capture.

The LG KC7800 can also be used as the web cam ............... ;) isn't it coooooooooool............

At first this phone will launched in Europe (Next Month) and after that comes to India.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seagate Launches - New Free Agent Go Drives in India

SEAGATE - the world wide storage leader now give the new revolution to technology by launching their new product named as "Free Agent Go" and another product for personal PC-desktop named as “Free Agent Go | Desk” and another for office work and fast computing named as “Free Agent Go | XTreme” and in these there are two version of their both one for Windows and another for Mac users the Free Agent Go Xtreme drives having a storage capacity of upto 1.5 TB. ya, you have seen correctly it's is 1.5 TB(Tera Bytes)=1536 GB(Giga Bytes) in a very small device.

before this product i have heard that only server storage space are in TB's but now a days your server is in your pocket isn't it sounds interesting. A very small device can contain such amount of storage space

Free Agent Go

- World’s First Dockable Drive
- World’s Thinnest Portable (2.5”) Solution
- Both Desktop and Mobile Storage

Product Details:

- It’s shape and size is very similar to Apple Iphone
- Having high capacity in such a small device
- Plug and Play solution.
- Very portable and easy to handle
- You can place Horizontally or Vertically as per your convenience
- Easy to take backup and use synchronization tool
- Supports USB 2.0
- It needs case to connect to the device with computer
- Comes in 4 sizes:
For Windows :

250 GB @ Rs. 5,500 Only
320 GB @ Rs. 7,000 Only
500 GB @ Rs. 12,000 Only
Case @ Rs. 1,600 Only

For MAC :

250 GB @ Rs. 5,500 Only
320 GB @ Rs. 7,000 Only
Case @ Rs. 1,600 Only

Free Agent | Desk


- A very Modern Design Look
- Having a very high capacity in a very small device
- Plug and Play solution.
- Very portable and easy to handle
- You can place Horizontally or Vertically as per your convenience
- Easy to take backup and use synchronization tool

Product Detail:

- Having silver in color
- support USB 2.0
- comes in 4 size:

For Windows :

500 GB @ Rs. 7,500 Only
640 GB @ Rs. 8,000 Only
1 TB @ Rs. 13,000 Only
1.5 TB @ Rs. 17,000 Only

For Mac :

500 GB @ Rs. 9,000 Only
1 TB @ Rs. 14,500 Only
1.5 TB @ Rs. 17,000 Only

Free Agent | Desk XTreme For Windows

Advantages: Same as of Free Agent | Desk Windows

Product Detail:

- Having graphite in color
- Supports eSATA,FireWire 400 and USB
- comes in 4 size:

For Windows

500 GB @ Rs. 7,500 Only
640 GB @ Rs. 8,000 Only
1 TB @ Rs. 13,000 Only
1.5 TB @ Rs. 17,000 Only

The Best Thing About These Products.....

These products have very unique features which you have never heard before that is in these devices you can set date or time to backup your data means suppose you update one file daily and carry with you so by using any of these devices you can customize it's setting in very easy way so that your file will automatically transfer data from your system to your portable drive at time or date you have set in it's software and it's vice versa also you don't need to transfer your data. manually

It also has data restore facility suppose unfortunately you have deleted any file from the portable device now you want back with other portable device this kind of facility is not available
but with Free Agent Devices you will get such kind of facility to get back your deleted file

SEAGATE gives the new shape to the highly storage(in TB's)portable devices. ;)
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Nokia Nano - The Future Technology

Nokia Nanotechnology - Future Mobile PhoneNanotechnology is the future technology for us. As the name suggests it is an applied science field to see matter as a combination of atom and molecule and so the tests go for this principle. In lehman language, nanotechnology means developing materials or devices within 100 nanometers or smaller.

Nokia Nanotechnology:

Nokia pinned this field. At the Museum of Modern Art in New-York, Nokia and Cambridge University started the Morph Concept. Basically the idea behind that is to provide elasticity and flexibility of Nokia Gadgets. "It is low cost manufacturing and adjustable empowering device, which brings versatility" as the developers quote. The following points are eye catching for this Morph Technology.

Size/Design no Bar : Flexibility is applicable to integrated circuits and sensors. From the ecological point of view they are friendly because biodegradable materials are used for production and recycling.
Nokia Nanotechnology - Future Mobile Phone
Self cleaner : Self cleaning surface and the main thing is "Nanoflower" which automatically repels water and vanish fingerprints on the surface.

Researches are going on and due to unavailability of all materials for this technology. We have to wait till 2015 or a decade.
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Monday, September 15, 2008

LG Lotus Mobile Phone ! Ready For Competetion in 3G Market

LG Lotus Mobile PhoneLG Lotus Mobile Phone launched in India As we know Apple I Phone 3G and Nokia N96 were also there now the battle begins between LG Lotus - Apple and Nokia. By these hot news we can say that before 3G market, everyone is eager to get on the top with this 3G technology launched in India by September.

This handset is specially designed for fashion models. This was launched in NewYork fashion week Moreover my aim is to tell the technology so leaving this matter and I am now telling the technical specifications.

Network supported:

CDMA dual band (800/1900 MHz)

CDMA2000 1xRTT/1xEV-DO rev.0 and 3G supported.

Dimension: 3.3 x 2.4 x 0.7 inches (84 x 61 x 18 mm)

Weight: 3.7 oz (105 g)

Battery Type: Li - Ion, 900 mAh

Backup: 5.5 hours ( 330 mins) of Talk time

Display Type: 262 144 colors, TFT

Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels

Camera: 2.0 megapixels Resolution

Multimedia: Video player, Mp3 supported music player.

Memory: microSD/microSDHC, upto 12 GB storage.

Keyboard: Full Qwerty.

USB Connectivity: Enabled.

Other features: Email, GPS and all basic features of mobile phones.

This handset will hit the market in October for India.This beautiful model is available in two colors, namely textured purple and satin black. Well, according to business talks this model will hit the market by October.

Price is not decided yet...
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nokia N96 Launch In India

Nokia N96 - Nokia Mobile PhonesNokia N96 Launch in India today to capture the market to of Apple I Phone which was launched last month. Nokia N96 will cost around Rs.35,000/- Though Apple I Phone not able to capture the indian market for i have written last month to view apple i phone click here ..

Now, Nokia N96 over come the major problems with Apple I Phone to capture the Apple's market it has 6 mega pixel camera which sounds very interesting a phone cum digital camera which gives you a good digital quality image.Nokia N96 has 3.2', 16 M color TFT. 10 GB internal memory has weight just 115 gm and measurement 102.5 x 56 x 17.6 mm.

It has touch screen and joystick navigation and also has inbuilt GPS (Global Positioning System) with more that 100 countries. the handset also includes Bluetooth, HSDPA and EDGE connectivity.

It has very Unique design and has 2 keypads that will open at the opposite side of the screen. The handsets has slide option to move it to upward as well as downward direction
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HP Laptop – With 24 Hours Battery Backup.

HP Laptops,HP EliteBook 6930p LaptopsHP give the new revolution to the Laptop Industry they create a Laptop with a highest battery backup you have ever seen in Laptop it's of 24 Hours which is one day without any charging thats amazing and much beneficial for Indians because India always has electricity problem.

As per the HP (Hewlett-Packard) group they achieved a mobile computing milestone by creating a HP EliteBook 6930p to operate continuously 24 hours with one time charge of it's battery

The company said they achieved this milestone with the help of HP Engineering and energy saving component like intel solid state hard drives also know as SSD and mercury free LED display which help to save to energy and increase battery backup..

This notebook will available in the market by the month October 2008 and cost around $2000 = Rs. 80,000 (Approx.)
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BENQ V2400W – Slimmest 24' LCD Monitor

BENQ V2400W LCD MONITOR - world thinnest lcd monitor BENQ V2400W is the world slimmest 24' LCD Monitor at present in the market. It is approx 21% thinner than at it's nearest rival. The V24800W has 24-inch WUXGA panel and also having a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels with full of high definition video quality just imagine what will be the picture quality.

It has a constant ratio of 1000:1 and brightness level of 500 cd/m2 also with DVI-D, D-Sub and HDMI connectivity options. The V24800W can also connect with three different sources at the same time. Much of the specification of it are still under cover will open when it comes to market.

It's price is RS. 25000/-

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sony Vaio Laptops are Burning – Beware if you have

sony laptop-sony vaio laptop
Sony vaio laptop batteries are burning due to overheating problem in U.S they got 15 similar cases of Sony vaio laptop burning and in one the user also get an injury through it. Now the Sony Corporation has announce to replace it with the new one. This is the same case as did in the two years back with other leading laptop company “DELL”

There are currently 72,800 no. of laptops alone in the United States which has to be replace. If we think from the company prospective how much loose they get but the all replacement should be in free because Sony Vaio has brand value to maintain their name in the market they have to provide a free service as “DELL” do..

The Laptops are in major problem are Sony VGN-TZ300 ,VGN-TZ100 ,VGN-TZ2000 and VGN-TZ200.As per the Sony they have started an voluntary program to do a free inspection of your laptop and if necessary a repair will be done with high quality standard

If you have Sony Vaio Laptops then call them immediately ............
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Intel And Yahoo combine to make Internet TV

Intel and Yahoo are partnership together to give a new revolution to the technology they are going to made an Internet T.V the main purpose of it to do multitasking through one can see the latest news , whether report , and other Internet stuffs while watching T.V the Internet stuff will placed at the bottom of the picture screen.

To get the Internet on your T.V you should have a set top box which is made my the both Intel and Yahoo. The Internet feature will be the optional one if you want to see the Internet on you T.V then you can see otherwise you can stop it by change it's seeings.

While seen TV the small widgets will be flashed at the bottom part of the T.V screen at least for now the Internet stuff on T.V are limited such as whether report, stock update, flicker photo's etc.. but they have plan to append it in future..

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Google Launching Web Browser - Google Chrome

 Google ChromeGoogle is going to launch an open source Internet web browser soon to compete with the other major used browser like Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google named it's browser as "Google Chrome"

This Browser will be very light weighted and meet up the todays and upcoming user first Google launch the beta version of Google Chrome and presently it will only run on windows platform and in 100 countries only and for Linux and Mac it will come soon..

other Google aps also embed to it like document, picasa , maps which will offer us an beginning to replace off line services.As per the Google's Google Chrome is just the beginning and it's Beta version is so far from done.

let see will Google Chrome provide some thing new and user friendly to it's user as did in past..

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

MASH will be no more !!

yahoo logoMASH a popular social networking site website or can say Group formed by YAHOO in September 2007. now Yahoo decided to close this website because it may not reach such height as expected by them not able to capture the user still they didn't find out the main cause for it or may not able to attract the user towards there site.

Now the YAHOO has decided to close it permanently by September 29 2008 but they will not disappointing to it's existing user they will shift it to the YAHOO website. They also have another social networking site Yahoo 360 but this is also not very popular site this is basically concert with blogging.

while Yahoo has informed their MASH users by e-mail individually but unfotunatelly if you didn't get the mail then say thanks to me ..[;)]

who knows what will happen to Yahoo in this comptative world the competition is so high that it's very difficult to be stand out in this world for this you should be
very different from other's..

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Zenith Launching Laptop @ Rs.14,999 only

Zenith LaptopYesterday Zenith announce to launch a new laptop with such a unbelievable attractive price Rs. 14,999 and a desktop pc at Rs.11,999 isn't it amazing now it's more easy to purchase it so if you were saving money to get laptop which will cost around 25K-45K now they can get at very cheap price..

Zenith Laptops and Desktops are lauch with the collabration with the big software giant Microsoft and this new product will lauch under the brand name of "Eco Style". It will also includes a genuine software product from the Microsoft like it has inbuilt Windows XP Home Edition , Microsoft windows live suits with email client, messenger there is also an choice to choose the windows between Windows XP Home Edition or Windows Vists Home Edition one can choose as per their need

This Eco style laptop will be very easy to carry because it's weigh is just 2.2 K.G which is very less as compare to other existing laptops in the's dimension would be 185mm x 250mm x 70mm. It consume 30% less electricity than other laptop in India. It's configuration would be 10.2” XVGA,Via C-7 – M1.6 Ghz Processor, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 120 GB SATA HDD.

The main purpose of Zenith to made this product is to capture the Indian market by offering such a low price with a quality product. They know very well what Indian market want so they did it but still we have to wait to get the performance review of it by a month because this Eco Style Laptop will be launch in the moth of October.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

New Search Feature By Google - "The Intelligent Search Box "

google logoThis week google has launch a new feature to the google's search box which may loose your words to type and also read your mind what you really want to search just by adding few characters to it.. isn't is cool that it will automatically understand your query what you want to search ..

this will also very help full in some situation where one is confused to type the query to search that what should i write to get the relevant result to what i thought

Help In Judging Queries

suppose you want to search for a particular song("dil to pagal hai") search in google and there are many songs that may start from the same lyrics ("dil") so in that case google will judge the song by adding category or enhance your characters to judge your query like as shown in figure..

Reduce Spelling Errors

This will also very help full in reducing spelling errors which will save your query time because if you type incorrect spelling then google will show the irrelavant result and also show that Did u mean ?....

Saves Keywords Which Use Frequently

It will save the keywords to list of search box which are used very frequently and having very difficult words such as "san francisco".
It also the total no. of result to the particular query in the search box.

So what are you waiting for just google it what you want !! ..

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blue Ray Disc - The New Generation DVD

Blue Ray Disc also known as Blue Ray or BD is an optical disc which is used to store the data which it seem similar to DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) by a look but it main
Blue Ray Disc
uses is High Definition Quality Video and storage of data but no doubt that DVD also has good quality but there is big difference between Blue Ray Disc and DVD in the mean of Quality of picture because DVD show only quality picture while Blue Ray Disc shows Highly Definition Quality Picture which make a big difference ...

A dual layer Blu Ray Disc can store up to 200 GB, which is almost a six times the capacity of a dual layer DVD or 20 times more than in single layer

Technical specifications

Physical size Single layer capacity Dual layer capacity Note
12 cm, single sided 25 GB (23.28 GiB) 50 GB (46.56 GiB) Standard disc size
8 cm, single sided 7.8 GB (7.26 GiB) 15.6 GB (14.53 GiB) Mini disc size

Blue Ray Disk is only available in U.S. till date and these disk can only run in specially designs DVD Player that means it can not be run in normal DVD player ..

i have seen a demo of Blue Ray Disc High Definition Picture quality at Discovery Channel it's really amazing..

now a days technology is on boom and you can never say impossible to any thing some years ago who has imagine that there will be such device which will capture the images /videos and now technology is at such on boom that every thing is on your hand ...
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Microsoft IE 8.0 Beta-2 Coming !!

Microsoft IE 8.0After a getting success of Microsoft IE(Internet Explorer) 8.0 Beta-1 in now they are going to release it's upgrade version named as Microsoft IE 8.0 Beta-2 which includes much more new feature the main concerned of this version is it's Security this is will be the highly secured browser after the Safari Browser which is already launched by Apple. Safari also has very strong security.

As per the Microsoft the IE 8.0 Beta-2 will protect your system as an firewall because there are some viruses which will come to your system when you open some sites mostly form porn sites and main reason to protect your leakage of knowledge that stores in history, cache memory and cookies and can be accessed later when user close the browser or even shut down the computer.

IE8 would also inform the user if any tries to track his computer,

that means Microsoft has made a smart explore for smart web (WEB 2.0) and will be use by Smart People like me ... ha ha. ha .. [;)]

The main factor of IE Beta-2 are: -

- IE 8.0 Beta-2 will be Plateform Independent
- Support full CSS- 2.01
- Faster Script Performance

Developoer Tool's :-

-Activity and WebSlices
-Improved Productivity Through Internet Explorer 8 Developer

I am waiting for it's Launch ....

After reading this post on Microsoft IE 8.0 Beta 2.0 if you are interested then please check the microsoft's site it will be launch soon..
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Apple I Phone 3G- Launch in India

Apple I phone 3GNow the wait is over to get the Apple I phone yesterday Airtel launches i phone in india the people were waiting for that moment and get some disappointment because of it' very high price Rs. 31000 for 8 GB and Rs. 36000 for 16 GB. The dreams of people heart at launching of this i phone because this is very costly for general people and even rich people will also disaapinted because some of it's features may heart to them mostly the Indian youth who are crazy about it.

Reasons for Disappointment :-

-Apple I phone is very costly and people may divert to it's compatator HTC Touch Diamond , Nokia N96

-Apple I phone can only comes with Airtel or Vodafone connection this may also loose it's coustomer because there are other leading mobile operators also in india such as Idea.

-It' s battery back up is very low.

-It's battery can not be changed by own for this you have to go to it's service center

-It also has hanging problem

-It's Bluetooth is not compatable with any other mobile phone instead of Apple devices this may heart to every one because no body would able to share it's images or videos with other and he/ she has to transfer data through cable only which may be very irritating

-The another main reason to avoid this phone is there is no facility to forward a message which is very comman in India so at least youth will definitely avoid it because in India it's very comman to forward messages or can say it's a trend in India. if you like any SMS then share it with your friends

-The last reason is it has just 2 mega pixel camera while one can easily take 5 mega pixel camera in it's price and apple i phone doen't support video recording.

After knowing such amount of disadvantages i don't think that Apple I phone will made a market in india. but there are some people who see it's positive points instead of negative point

Positive points from I phone :-

-User friendly interface which has never seen before just play with your fingers and your phone will sense your directions and do actions that you want ..

-3G Third Generation Phone- you will never lost any where there is GPS (Global Positioning System) which tell you where you are in the world, country , state ,city , street etc..

-Visual Voice Mail- Apple I phone has visual voice mail system in which you can send an voice mail messages/ email which will save your time of typing and to read the mail you can just listen the mail which will feel like you are listening in phone instead of reading

-Advance Browser-iPhone has an advance safari browser which will show the site in the way it was designed and there is also a zooming option for your simplicity

-Operating System- iphone has smart operating system which will feel like you are using an desktop class application and software the fully multitasking phone

well it's just like a coin which has two side same with the Apple I phone there are some advantage at one end then some disadvantages at other end ...

well we have to see that the Apple i phone how much succed in India .....
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Monday, August 4, 2008

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID-Radio Frequency Identification
It is kind of small chip which can store data and receive data remotely through a device called RFID Tags.An RFID tag is an object that can be insert in to a person, product or even animal for the identification the person or object by using radio waves.
Most RFID tags contain at least two parts.

  • One is an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, a radio frequency signal, and other specialized functions.
  • The second is an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal. chipless RFID allows for discrete identification of tags without an integrated circuit, thereby allowing tags to be printed directly onto assets at a lower cost than traditional tags
Uses of RFID :

There are many uses in today's era of such devices like people use in enterprise supply chain management to improve the efficiency of inventory tracking and management. However, growth and adoption in the enterprise supply chain market is limited because current commercial technology does not link the indoor tracking to the overall end-to-end supply chain visibility

another one is as mention above to identify the people or product through radio waves such as you seen is real or in movie when one comes closer to gate then gate will open automatically..
this is also an real example of it Read More..

Friday, July 25, 2008

WEB 3.0 : The Upcoming Web

WEB 3.0 is the futuristic web presently we are using WEB 2.0.
web 3.0 inherits all the feature of web 2.0 and much more things or can the interesting things it enables the semantic web which means the web software or search engine are much powerful inuff such that they give the accurate result what the person wants.

web 3.0 has full involvement of audience to the site as like in web 2.0 but in 3.0 the bonding between the web and humans are much stronger than web2.0

in web 3.0 websites will become web services.

may be web 3.0 is last version of web b'coz what will be the next ? Read More..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface-Microsoft TechnologyIt is a new upcoming technology made by Microsoft. which is true wordless and above imagination but 10%(approx) similar to Apple i-phone have look at it .
its very difficult to write about it because its a surprising thing i must say after seen this video you will supervised that is that possible ? or if possible then what technology they used or how it works ?

it's really amazing but if you have answers the above question then please share it with me ..

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

OSS Camp - Delhi Summer Edition

OSS CAMP-Open Source Software Camp
Well !! it was an great experience to be a part of OSS-Camp . I would love to share with you ....

OSS-Camp stands for Open Source Software Camp this is an kind of informal meet of the people who talked about the strength , features , values , benefits and different technologies of Open Source Software.
here the informal meets defines that all people sit together and talk about open source to gain and share knowledge from one another here every body have right to speak right to present himself to share knowledge.
This is the platform where actually you can learn the value of an Open Source this camp is beneficial for person who knows that what is OSS and as well as who want to know what is it ?, why is it ?
I suggest you if you have a little experience with any Open Source Software or willing to learn about Open Source then be a part of the Camp so please register yourself at to get the upcoming events.. Read More..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Online Image Manipulation (

wiredness-Online-image-manipulation-softwareIt was an amazing experience to use the basically it's an online image manipulation program in which picture can altered with in a few seconds it very easy to use and also work very fast though it is online manipulation program.

How to use it !!!

1.First you have to upload am image. image can be uploaded through your local system and as well as from internet by providing the path and then you can alter the picture that you have uploaded

2.Second step is to choose the tools for altering the picture here you get lots of tools like Red Eye Remover, Under Exposure, Crop,Polarize effect, water effect,colorize ,brightness etc..

3.Last step is to save that picture in your pc.

It is an free online service every one can use it .I liked it very much hope u will also like it Read More..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Upcoming Webinars

Attend Webcast on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to easily implement affordable customer solutions.
As an architect, developer, or a consultant you need the most effective IT enablers to keep your client's business on the growth curve. Whether you cater to a small, growing business or a large organization, you will immensely benefit from this webcast. It will help you to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 solutions easily and quickly across various verticals. This online event gives a convenient way to attend from any location and also offers a systematic way to deep dive into this evolved, customized, and cost effective IT solution from Microsoft.

This webcast explains how you can integrate Dynamics CRM 4.0 solution with the processes and tools you already use. It gives an opportunity to get valuable inputs from experts, as they take you through the process of unleashing the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 in various customer-centric businesses.

Topic----CRM 4.0 in IT service industry
Speaker--K.Rajnish Menon and Vikrant Hari

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Learn C ( Programming Language)

C-Programming LanguageWhat is C ?

is a procedural / imperative language which was developed by mr. Dennis Retchie in year 1972 at bell laboratories California, USA for the purpose to made UNIX
C is the most popular language and it is also known as mother language because
after know the C language it would be very easy to understand any another or new language
it is popular since it's formation to till today..

Content in C :
The Decision Controls - if,else if and else
The Loop Controls - for,while and do-while
The Case Controls - goto and switch
Functions -
Pointers -
Data Type - long,short,signed,unsigned
C Preprocessor - macro
Arrays - 1-D,2-D,3-D
Strings -
Structure -
Union -
File Handling - read,write,append Read More..

Friday, June 6, 2008

Upcoming Seminars.

Upcoming SeminarRegister yourself in the link below to attend the seminar on Blogging at different places in India.
1. 13th June, 2008, Friday Wipro Innovation Camp- - WiCampChennai
2. 21st June, 2008, Saturday OSSCamp Delhi Summer Edition - OSSCampDelhiSummerEdition
3. August 8,9 and 10 - First ever Drupal Camp in India, in Ahmedabad. Max 400 participants - DrupalCampIndia - Be There!

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Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008Microsoft launches a new version of Visual Studio 2008
Package that is full of many new features as compare to VS 2005
or below versions.
Some interesting feature are :
1.LINQ -( Language Integrated Query ) in this tool of VS.Net we do not need to code at all
for making connection to database or making queries this tool will generate a query and
make a connection as per your requirement just by few mouse click isn't this is the interesting
2.AJAX - The another interesting feature is VS.Net 2008 is AJAX enabled by this tool we make
a web based application will work as your desktop based application in the sense that only
that part of page will refresh where values/data have to change no need to load the whole
page at all .
the another thing is that it's few features a precoded in VS.Net 2008 such as which will
automatically detects the strength of your password field and many more features which
will help you in your project to make it full of functionalities ..
3.Frame Work 3.5 - VS.Net 2008 is based on Frame work 3.5 which is rich of tools
which will helpful in making any desktop and web based application such as it having
all tools of MS Office 2007
4.ASP.NET - In VS 2008 they divide the window in to two part one is for front end coding (ASP.NET) and another window for back end coding (C#.NET or VB.NET or J#.Net)window can be divide in to horizontal or vertical as per your choice to code simultaneously front end and back end coding which will be helpful in designing and coding of project ...
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Microsoft Silverlight

microsoft Silverlight logoMicrosoft launches a new technology named Silver Light which is also called an alternate to Flash Player which has rich features and very good graphics which is the main sole of any web page you might have not heard about this Silver light Technology
then have a look >> Silverlight Looks
one more thing that how is different from Flash
--> It is compatible with Java Script
--> It is compatible with .Net Technology also

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Monday, May 26, 2008

My Presentation....

Smart Blogging Presentation - By Ankur Batlai gave a presentation on "smart blogging can fetch you a good money " in an event of IBNMS on 24th may 2008 at Microsoft Office, Eros Tower,Nehru Palace , New Delhi ..
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IBNMS (Indian Blog & New Media Society)

IBNMS-Indian Blog And New Media SocietyIBNMS is an community of Bloggers who want to share some tips related to the blog's.
this is non profit organization (NGO).

if you want to learn about blogging then IBNMS is the best place for it bco'z here you find the persons from fresher to experts level in blogging which will help you ..

if you have not register yet the get register first it's for free Register to IBNMS Read More..

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Abstract on Web 2.0

Web 2.0Abstract

Web 2.0 – isn’t software, hardware or a concept, rather is a common thought or an idea which is also an improved form of Web 1.0. The term has been in occasional use for several years, but now the concepts of RIA (Rich Internet Applications that includes Flash, Ajax etc), SOA (Service Oriented Architecture that includes feeds, RSS, web services and mashups) and Social Web (that includes tagging, wikis, podcast, blogging, vlogs etc) have put the world wide web into a renascence development.
The power of social networking through internet, in new delivery methods of information to user is creating information at outstanding rate. Web 2.0 is socially distributing web content, characterized by open communication, decentralization of authority, and categorized content with far more developed deep linking web architecture.
Web have become an advertising paradise with tools like google adsense that focuses advertising based on the content of the webpage, it is placed upon. It is a miracle journey from static websites to use of search engines & surfing from one website to next through more dynamic and interactive world wide web.
Perhaps in the coming future web will be less under the control of web designers, changing it as a democratic, personal, & ’do itself’ medium. A number of contents will be less likely to flow through email and more likely to be posted and distributed on an attractive web page or distributed by RSS feeds.
Web 2.0 is seen as second phase of architectural & application development of world wide web. Along with dynamic evolution of web sites, web 2.0 is also responsible for their social development leading to an independent kind of web for modern world & will be catalyzing incredible information sharing , collaboration & innovation .

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