Monday, September 22, 2008

Nokia Nano - The Future Technology

Nokia Nanotechnology - Future Mobile PhoneNanotechnology is the future technology for us. As the name suggests it is an applied science field to see matter as a combination of atom and molecule and so the tests go for this principle. In lehman language, nanotechnology means developing materials or devices within 100 nanometers or smaller.

Nokia Nanotechnology:

Nokia pinned this field. At the Museum of Modern Art in New-York, Nokia and Cambridge University started the Morph Concept. Basically the idea behind that is to provide elasticity and flexibility of Nokia Gadgets. "It is low cost manufacturing and adjustable empowering device, which brings versatility" as the developers quote. The following points are eye catching for this Morph Technology.

Size/Design no Bar : Flexibility is applicable to integrated circuits and sensors. From the ecological point of view they are friendly because biodegradable materials are used for production and recycling.
Nokia Nanotechnology - Future Mobile Phone
Self cleaner : Self cleaning surface and the main thing is "Nanoflower" which automatically repels water and vanish fingerprints on the surface.

Researches are going on and due to unavailability of all materials for this technology. We have to wait till 2015 or a decade.

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