Thursday, September 4, 2008

Intel And Yahoo combine to make Internet TV

Intel and Yahoo are partnership together to give a new revolution to the technology they are going to made an Internet T.V the main purpose of it to do multitasking through one can see the latest news , whether report , and other Internet stuffs while watching T.V the Internet stuff will placed at the bottom of the picture screen.

To get the Internet on your T.V you should have a set top box which is made my the both Intel and Yahoo. The Internet feature will be the optional one if you want to see the Internet on you T.V then you can see otherwise you can stop it by change it's seeings.

While seen TV the small widgets will be flashed at the bottom part of the T.V screen at least for now the Internet stuff on T.V are limited such as whether report, stock update, flicker photo's etc.. but they have plan to append it in future..

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