Sunday, June 15, 2008

Learn C ( Programming Language)

C-Programming LanguageWhat is C ?

is a procedural / imperative language which was developed by mr. Dennis Retchie in year 1972 at bell laboratories California, USA for the purpose to made UNIX
C is the most popular language and it is also known as mother language because
after know the C language it would be very easy to understand any another or new language
it is popular since it's formation to till today..

Content in C :
The Decision Controls - if,else if and else
The Loop Controls - for,while and do-while
The Case Controls - goto and switch
Functions -
Pointers -
Data Type - long,short,signed,unsigned
C Preprocessor - macro
Arrays - 1-D,2-D,3-D
Strings -
Structure -
Union -
File Handling - read,write,append

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