Friday, June 6, 2008

Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008Microsoft launches a new version of Visual Studio 2008
Package that is full of many new features as compare to VS 2005
or below versions.
Some interesting feature are :
1.LINQ -( Language Integrated Query ) in this tool of VS.Net we do not need to code at all
for making connection to database or making queries this tool will generate a query and
make a connection as per your requirement just by few mouse click isn't this is the interesting
2.AJAX - The another interesting feature is VS.Net 2008 is AJAX enabled by this tool we make
a web based application will work as your desktop based application in the sense that only
that part of page will refresh where values/data have to change no need to load the whole
page at all .
the another thing is that it's few features a precoded in VS.Net 2008 such as which will
automatically detects the strength of your password field and many more features which
will help you in your project to make it full of functionalities ..
3.Frame Work 3.5 - VS.Net 2008 is based on Frame work 3.5 which is rich of tools
which will helpful in making any desktop and web based application such as it having
all tools of MS Office 2007
4.ASP.NET - In VS 2008 they divide the window in to two part one is for front end coding (ASP.NET) and another window for back end coding (C#.NET or VB.NET or J#.Net)window can be divide in to horizontal or vertical as per your choice to code simultaneously front end and back end coding which will be helpful in designing and coding of project ...
Wana free Download of Visual Studio 2008

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