Friday, August 29, 2008

New Search Feature By Google - "The Intelligent Search Box "

google logoThis week google has launch a new feature to the google's search box which may loose your words to type and also read your mind what you really want to search just by adding few characters to it.. isn't is cool that it will automatically understand your query what you want to search ..

this will also very help full in some situation where one is confused to type the query to search that what should i write to get the relevant result to what i thought

Help In Judging Queries

suppose you want to search for a particular song("dil to pagal hai") search in google and there are many songs that may start from the same lyrics ("dil") so in that case google will judge the song by adding category or enhance your characters to judge your query like as shown in figure..

Reduce Spelling Errors

This will also very help full in reducing spelling errors which will save your query time because if you type incorrect spelling then google will show the irrelavant result and also show that Did u mean ?....

Saves Keywords Which Use Frequently

It will save the keywords to list of search box which are used very frequently and having very difficult words such as "san francisco".
It also the total no. of result to the particular query in the search box.

So what are you waiting for just google it what you want !! ..

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