Saturday, August 23, 2008

Microsoft IE 8.0 Beta-2 Coming !!

Microsoft IE 8.0After a getting success of Microsoft IE(Internet Explorer) 8.0 Beta-1 in now they are going to release it's upgrade version named as Microsoft IE 8.0 Beta-2 which includes much more new feature the main concerned of this version is it's Security this is will be the highly secured browser after the Safari Browser which is already launched by Apple. Safari also has very strong security.

As per the Microsoft the IE 8.0 Beta-2 will protect your system as an firewall because there are some viruses which will come to your system when you open some sites mostly form porn sites and main reason to protect your leakage of knowledge that stores in history, cache memory and cookies and can be accessed later when user close the browser or even shut down the computer.

IE8 would also inform the user if any tries to track his computer,

that means Microsoft has made a smart explore for smart web (WEB 2.0) and will be use by Smart People like me ... ha ha. ha .. [;)]

The main factor of IE Beta-2 are: -

- IE 8.0 Beta-2 will be Plateform Independent
- Support full CSS- 2.01
- Faster Script Performance

Developoer Tool's :-

-Activity and WebSlices
-Improved Productivity Through Internet Explorer 8 Developer

I am waiting for it's Launch ....

After reading this post on Microsoft IE 8.0 Beta 2.0 if you are interested then please check the microsoft's site it will be launch soon..

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