Saturday, June 21, 2008

OSS Camp - Delhi Summer Edition

OSS CAMP-Open Source Software Camp
Well !! it was an great experience to be a part of OSS-Camp . I would love to share with you ....

OSS-Camp stands for Open Source Software Camp this is an kind of informal meet of the people who talked about the strength , features , values , benefits and different technologies of Open Source Software.
here the informal meets defines that all people sit together and talk about open source to gain and share knowledge from one another here every body have right to speak right to present himself to share knowledge.
This is the platform where actually you can learn the value of an Open Source this camp is beneficial for person who knows that what is OSS and as well as who want to know what is it ?, why is it ?
I suggest you if you have a little experience with any Open Source Software or willing to learn about Open Source then be a part of the Camp so please register yourself at to get the upcoming events..

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Anonymous said...

thanx for sharing...

Zubin Saxena said...

You are definitely improving..but keep it updated regularly.. :)