Thursday, June 19, 2008

Online Image Manipulation (

wiredness-Online-image-manipulation-softwareIt was an amazing experience to use the basically it's an online image manipulation program in which picture can altered with in a few seconds it very easy to use and also work very fast though it is online manipulation program.

How to use it !!!

1.First you have to upload am image. image can be uploaded through your local system and as well as from internet by providing the path and then you can alter the picture that you have uploaded

2.Second step is to choose the tools for altering the picture here you get lots of tools like Red Eye Remover, Under Exposure, Crop,Polarize effect, water effect,colorize ,brightness etc..

3.Last step is to save that picture in your pc.

It is an free online service every one can use it .I liked it very much hope u will also like it

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1 comment:

Sanchit Taneja said...

its really a gud site for photo enthusiasts and who have no idea about adobe photoshop a very good alternative, will surely affect the photoshop sales which costs around $599(very expensive but truth)

Sanchit Taneja