Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HP Laptop – With 24 Hours Battery Backup.

HP Laptops,HP EliteBook 6930p LaptopsHP give the new revolution to the Laptop Industry they create a Laptop with a highest battery backup you have ever seen in Laptop it's of 24 Hours which is one day without any charging thats amazing and much beneficial for Indians because India always has electricity problem.

As per the HP (Hewlett-Packard) group they achieved a mobile computing milestone by creating a HP EliteBook 6930p to operate continuously 24 hours with one time charge of it's battery

The company said they achieved this milestone with the help of HP Engineering and energy saving component like intel solid state hard drives also know as SSD and mercury free LED display which help to save to energy and increase battery backup..

This notebook will available in the market by the month October 2008 and cost around $2000 = Rs. 80,000 (Approx.)

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andreyaradford said...

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soreya said...

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