Saturday, August 30, 2008

MASH will be no more !!

yahoo logoMASH a popular social networking site website or can say Group formed by YAHOO in September 2007. now Yahoo decided to close this website because it may not reach such height as expected by them not able to capture the user still they didn't find out the main cause for it or may not able to attract the user towards there site.

Now the YAHOO has decided to close it permanently by September 29 2008 but they will not disappointing to it's existing user they will shift it to the YAHOO website. They also have another social networking site Yahoo 360 but this is also not very popular site this is basically concert with blogging.

while Yahoo has informed their MASH users by e-mail individually but unfotunatelly if you didn't get the mail then say thanks to me ..[;)]

who knows what will happen to Yahoo in this comptative world the competition is so high that it's very difficult to be stand out in this world for this you should be
very different from other's..

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