Monday, July 7, 2008

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface-Microsoft TechnologyIt is a new upcoming technology made by Microsoft. which is true wordless and above imagination but 10%(approx) similar to Apple i-phone have look at it .
its very difficult to write about it because its a surprising thing i must say after seen this video you will supervised that is that possible ? or if possible then what technology they used or how it works ?

it's really amazing but if you have answers the above question then please share it with me ..

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^^Rohit's blog^^ said...

yeah friend its look like that iam in matrix world.It comes true when i saw that in movies.It's really gr8

Amit Saxena said...
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Zubin Saxena said...

It looks cool...but I doubt its usage in the current senario...

1.Its gonna cost a lot.
2.It doesnt look like having any use for home computing.

and about the technology...its just a table sized touch screen...a big ass version of i-phone.. :p