Saturday, August 30, 2008

Zenith Launching Laptop @ Rs.14,999 only

Zenith LaptopYesterday Zenith announce to launch a new laptop with such a unbelievable attractive price Rs. 14,999 and a desktop pc at Rs.11,999 isn't it amazing now it's more easy to purchase it so if you were saving money to get laptop which will cost around 25K-45K now they can get at very cheap price..

Zenith Laptops and Desktops are lauch with the collabration with the big software giant Microsoft and this new product will lauch under the brand name of "Eco Style". It will also includes a genuine software product from the Microsoft like it has inbuilt Windows XP Home Edition , Microsoft windows live suits with email client, messenger there is also an choice to choose the windows between Windows XP Home Edition or Windows Vists Home Edition one can choose as per their need

This Eco style laptop will be very easy to carry because it's weigh is just 2.2 K.G which is very less as compare to other existing laptops in the's dimension would be 185mm x 250mm x 70mm. It consume 30% less electricity than other laptop in India. It's configuration would be 10.2” XVGA,Via C-7 – M1.6 Ghz Processor, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 120 GB SATA HDD.

The main purpose of Zenith to made this product is to capture the Indian market by offering such a low price with a quality product. They know very well what Indian market want so they did it but still we have to wait to get the performance review of it by a month because this Eco Style Laptop will be launch in the moth of October.

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