Saturday, March 1, 2008

Abstract on Web 2.0

Web 2.0Abstract

Web 2.0 – isn’t software, hardware or a concept, rather is a common thought or an idea which is also an improved form of Web 1.0. The term has been in occasional use for several years, but now the concepts of RIA (Rich Internet Applications that includes Flash, Ajax etc), SOA (Service Oriented Architecture that includes feeds, RSS, web services and mashups) and Social Web (that includes tagging, wikis, podcast, blogging, vlogs etc) have put the world wide web into a renascence development.
The power of social networking through internet, in new delivery methods of information to user is creating information at outstanding rate. Web 2.0 is socially distributing web content, characterized by open communication, decentralization of authority, and categorized content with far more developed deep linking web architecture.
Web have become an advertising paradise with tools like google adsense that focuses advertising based on the content of the webpage, it is placed upon. It is a miracle journey from static websites to use of search engines & surfing from one website to next through more dynamic and interactive world wide web.
Perhaps in the coming future web will be less under the control of web designers, changing it as a democratic, personal, & ’do itself’ medium. A number of contents will be less likely to flow through email and more likely to be posted and distributed on an attractive web page or distributed by RSS feeds.
Web 2.0 is seen as second phase of architectural & application development of world wide web. Along with dynamic evolution of web sites, web 2.0 is also responsible for their social development leading to an independent kind of web for modern world & will be catalyzing incredible information sharing , collaboration & innovation .

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