Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone useAs per Newton’s third law “Every action there is equal and opposite reaction” means as the technology moves to it new end it will also give us an new disease. At one side technology is beneficial for us but in limited because excessiveness of any thing will always harmful..

The Major Disadvantages of using Mobile Phones are:-

1. Health Effect

It may harm your ears , heart , brain if you talk continuously on mobile phone for a long time as generally youth do with his or her boyfriend or girlfriend ….

I don’t know why the youth want to talk only at mobile phones while they can meet socially..
Mobile Phones use effects
We are moving towards virtuallity so fast in the web 2.0 world that we are not aware with that what we are loosing ……….. we have to think about it…

2. Male Infertility

You would better understand this .. no need to explain..

3. Effect on Environment
Environment is also effected due to raise of harmful rays from mobile phones

Some where Technology is diverting the Sociality towards Virtuallity

so please avoid excessive use ... .. .

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1 comment:

Abhas said...

I appreciate the detailed report in this article. At the same time I am also concerned about the impact from the point that we are becoming increasingly dependant on it.
Are we getting into mobile and internet to such an extent that today they are controlling us and in future we will turn into their slaves???