Friday, August 22, 2008

Apple I Phone 3G- Launch in India

Apple I phone 3GNow the wait is over to get the Apple I phone yesterday Airtel launches i phone in india the people were waiting for that moment and get some disappointment because of it' very high price Rs. 31000 for 8 GB and Rs. 36000 for 16 GB. The dreams of people heart at launching of this i phone because this is very costly for general people and even rich people will also disaapinted because some of it's features may heart to them mostly the Indian youth who are crazy about it.

Reasons for Disappointment :-

-Apple I phone is very costly and people may divert to it's compatator HTC Touch Diamond , Nokia N96

-Apple I phone can only comes with Airtel or Vodafone connection this may also loose it's coustomer because there are other leading mobile operators also in india such as Idea.

-It' s battery back up is very low.

-It's battery can not be changed by own for this you have to go to it's service center

-It also has hanging problem

-It's Bluetooth is not compatable with any other mobile phone instead of Apple devices this may heart to every one because no body would able to share it's images or videos with other and he/ she has to transfer data through cable only which may be very irritating

-The another main reason to avoid this phone is there is no facility to forward a message which is very comman in India so at least youth will definitely avoid it because in India it's very comman to forward messages or can say it's a trend in India. if you like any SMS then share it with your friends

-The last reason is it has just 2 mega pixel camera while one can easily take 5 mega pixel camera in it's price and apple i phone doen't support video recording.

After knowing such amount of disadvantages i don't think that Apple I phone will made a market in india. but there are some people who see it's positive points instead of negative point

Positive points from I phone :-

-User friendly interface which has never seen before just play with your fingers and your phone will sense your directions and do actions that you want ..

-3G Third Generation Phone- you will never lost any where there is GPS (Global Positioning System) which tell you where you are in the world, country , state ,city , street etc..

-Visual Voice Mail- Apple I phone has visual voice mail system in which you can send an voice mail messages/ email which will save your time of typing and to read the mail you can just listen the mail which will feel like you are listening in phone instead of reading

-Advance Browser-iPhone has an advance safari browser which will show the site in the way it was designed and there is also a zooming option for your simplicity

-Operating System- iphone has smart operating system which will feel like you are using an desktop class application and software the fully multitasking phone

well it's just like a coin which has two side same with the Apple I phone there are some advantage at one end then some disadvantages at other end ...

well we have to see that the Apple i phone how much succed in India .....

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